Welcome to my worlds!

Yes, worlds. It’s simple really. You see, I’m a mother, daughter, writer and  freelance editor. In other words, I’m four people living in a single body. Mind you, it gets very crowded in here at times, especially when my characters decide they want to be heard. This usually happens when I’m writing something completely unrelated to the character that is suddenly demanding my attention. No, I’m not crazy. At least no crazier than any other writer. 😉

Of course, that might be an understatement when you consider that I write urban fantasy/police procedurals under my own name, Amanda S. Green. Paranormals and romantic suspense is written as Ellie Ferguson. Science fiction and fantasy is written as Sam Schall. There are days when it is more than a bit confusing trying to keep straight which writer hat I’m supposed to be wearing. It doesn’t help either that my muse laughs hysterically when that happens.

Like most other writers, I’m working on several projects at one time. Usually something along the line of editing one project, writing another and planning yet another. It gets really complicated sometimes because I write in multiple genres and under different names, as you can see from the banner above. I guess you can say I haven’t met a genre I don’t like — at least not yet.

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