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Welcome to my worlds!


Yes, worlds. It's simple really. You see, I’m a mother, daughter, writer and editor. In other words, I’m four people living in a single body. Mind you, it gets very crowded in here at times, especially when my characters decide they want to be heard. This usually happens when I'm writing something completely unrelated to the character that is suddenly demanding my attention. No, I'm not crazy. At least no crazier than any other writer. ;-)

Like most other writers, I'm working on several projects at one time. Usually something along the line of editing one project, writing another and planning yet another. Oh, and then there's the other job -- during the day — and often into the night — I’m the senior executive editor (read chief bottle washer ;-p ) for Naked Reader Press.

To find out what's happening on a weekly basis, be sure to bookmark my blog, Nocturnal Lives.

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Click the following link to go to the Amazon page for Nocturnal Origins.

Nocturnal Origins is the first book i n the Nocturnal Lives series. Set is Dallas, it is part police procedural, part urban fantasy.

Some things can never be forgotten, no matter how hard you try.

Detective Sergeant Mackenzie Santos knows that bitter lesson all too well. The day she died changed her life and her perception of the world forever.It doesn’t matter that everyone, even her doctors, believe a miracle occurred when she awoke in the hospital morgue. Mac knows better. It hadn't been a miracle, at least not a holy one. As far as she’s concerned, that's the day the dogs of Hell came for her.

Investigating one of the most horrendous murders in recent Dallas history, Mac also has to break in a new partner and deal with nosy reporters who follow her every move and who publish confidential details of the investigation without a qualm.

Complicating matters even more, Mac learns the truth about her family and herself, a truth that forces her to deal with the monster within, as well as those on the outside.But none of this matters as much as discovering the identity of the murderer before he can kill again.

Click here for an excerpt from Nocturnal Origins.

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